Our Mission & Purpose

At Reaction Rehab Physical Therapy, we like to think a little differently. But what makes us unique is not obvious at first glance. After all, our clinic looks much like other therapy practices. But while the distinguishing characteristics are not visible to the eye, and may not be obvious when you first enter our clinic, they are no less real. So what is it that sets Reaction Rehab Physical Therapy apart? Our values.

We understand that many companies have defined values, and many even post them prominently for all to see. But that isn’t enough. At Reaction Rehab, we see it as our obligation to exemplify each value continuously. We believe that every employee should see how each value applies to our daily work and how the company is dedicated to meeting the expectations and ideals that our values represent.

The Four Pillars of Our Value System at Work

It's just good business...

“If you do good business, it is good business,” is an old yet still powerful adage that permeates Reaction Rehab. And at Reaction Rehab, “good business” means something very specific. Good business means putting people first – patients and employees. That is the Reaction Rehab way. In such an environment trust, respect, quality, loyalty, and service converge to create a workplace that meets the highest standards of the physical therapy profession. Meanwhile, the comprehensive corporate compliance plan is ensuring ethical and legal business practices.

At Reaction Rehab, we take pride in providing One-on-One care for all patients, demonstrating a commitment to proper billing and coding, as well as providing each patient with the best chance for a maximal recovery. To reach such high standards, we practice non-discriminatory hiring and have installed a reward system based on merit and shared goals. Integrity is maintained by hiring individuals who believe in integrity and honesty and that the creation of an enjoyable and trusted workplace is everyone’s responsibility.

The link between excellence and knowledge...

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” –Albert Einstein

At Reaction Rehab, our employees are provided uncommon resources to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible clinical and customer service. The link between excellence and knowledge is evident. Only through the continuous pursuit of knowledge can we provide the very best of services to our patients. This is achieved through paid continuing education for all employees, not just therapy providers. Reaction Rehab funded over 25 courses for staff over the past two years. Furthermore, the one-on-one schedule allows therapists the time to consult with and mentor fellow therapists.

No one has ever become poor by giving...

A culture of compassion ensures that both patients and employees receive the best we have to offer in the clinic and away. Reaction Rehab remains focused on the best possible care, the communities in which we work, and each employee’s personal goals and needs.

Since 1987, Reaction Rehab Physical Therapy has helped many patients receive physical therapy treatments free of charge, with no strings attached. We have participated in the Annual Food Drive to benefit Miami’s less fortunate in addition to Adopt-A-Family Christmas program to help the Salvation Army. Support of our local school, with continued donations, has helped many programs in being able to help more individuals in need for these programs. Fundraising for the American Cancer Society and being involved with Shake-A-Leg Miami are just a few organizations that we are proud to be a part of. We consistently deliver support and flexibility for working parents, in addition to special assistance and support for employees with personal or family health concerns.

Teamwork, good humor, and a positive outlook...

Several years ago, we looked around and discovered something unintended, but certainly critical to our success – we were having a lot of fun! At Reaction Rehab, creating an enjoyable workplace is a primary focus. A work environment characterized by teamwork, good humor, and a positive outlook has a direct impact on the quality of life of our employees, and the quality of the service our patients receive. Our staff will tell you, having fun is serious business!

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