The Athletic Trainer's Mission

Athletic Trainers employed by Reaction Rehab Physical Therapy have a sincere interest in athletics, and in the well being of the athlete. Student-athletes receive optimum protection from our Athletic Trainers: specialists in acute first-aid, rehabilitative care and collision/contact sports injuries. The athletic trainer works closely with Coaches, Athletic Directors, School Administrators, and parents, who all share a mutual concern for the safety of the student-athlete.

The Trainer's Role

The Athletic Trainer at ReAction Rehab Physical Therapy is a well trained, allied health professional who has successfully:

  • Completed a college undergraduate degree;
  • Fulfilled all requirements for certification as established by the Board of Certification of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association, Inc. (NATA);
  • Passed the NATA certification examination administered by the NATA Board of Certification
  • Received certification in C.P.R. and First-Aid.

In addition to the general services, Athletic Trainers at Reaction Rehab Physical Therapy provide educational in-services to coaches and athletics directors on first-aid, pre-season conditioning, and current sport medicine topics.

General Services: Assessment of Athletic Injuries

Athletic trainers provide the evaluation and treatment of athletic injuries in the training room and on the field, during practice and games, in our clinics and at the school.

Management and Treatment of Athletic Injuries

When necessary, the athletic trainers will implement the rehabilitation programs in conjunction with the athlete’s coach and physician to assure a safe return to competition. Treatment may include as little as an independent exercise program or include extensive rehabilitation at an ReAction Rehab clinic.

Organization and Administration of ReAction Rehab Physical Therapy Program

The athletic trainers record each athlete’s injury and communicate regularly with the athletes coach and physician. The parent is also kept informed of his or her child’s condition with a report of the trainer’s assessment and recommendations.

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